The Agricultural Museum of Iceland


The Agricultural Museum of Iceland presents the agricultural heritage and seeks to explain the history of Icelandic agriculture with emphases on the 19th and the 20th centuries.


The museum has an extensive collection of farm artifacts. For example, the first plows and other horse-driven equipment and the first tractors imported to Iceland, as well as the more modern artifacts of current times. The museum has Iceland´s largest collection of farm machinery which goes back to 1880.


You can also see the ancient Icelandic cow (the original Viking cow!) in a modern environment and explore the cultural landscape at one of the first modern farms in Iceland at the Hvanneyri Agricultural School (founded in 1889).


Hvanneyri is located in SW-Iceland; approx. 80 km´s from Reykjavík (kindly refer to the map on the front page).


The Agricultural University of Iceland has its headquarters at Hvanneyri. A visit to Ullarselid ( is well worth a while. They offer a variety of high quality Icelandic handicraft made from wool and other natural materials.   

Opening hours of the museum:


June – August: Daily 12-17. 

September – May: Open by prior arrangement.



Hvanneyri, 311 Borgarnes,


Tel. 844 7740.